Meet our RMAIS Graduate Fellows

The following GDPE Graduate Students were awarded fellowships to support their research as part of the RMAIS program. Each of the fellows committed to: mentoring an undergraduate in research; engaging with their faculty advisor as part of the research triad and mentor-mentee interactions; developing an RMAIS module on best-practices in mentoring, professional development, and/or women & gender in STEM in consultation with a faculty advisory & review board; participating in the Student Ecology Research Program (SERP) seminar series during which they implemented their module. Every person here exceeded expectations in every way. We are grateful for their hard work, willingness to share their materials, and commitment to diversity & inclusion in STEM.

Please view materials on the “Modules” page

2018 Cohort

Rebecca Cheek
PhD advisors: Chris Funk & Cameron Ghalambor (Biology)

Module: Work-Life Balance

Eliza Clark
PhD advisor: Ruth Hufbauer (Agricultural Biology)

Modules: Implicit Bias I & II

Ben Golas
PhD advisor: Colleen Webb (Biology)

Module: Managing Microagressions

Ava Hoffman
PhD advisor: Melinda Smith (Biology)

Module: Job Materials

Grey Monroe
PhD advisor: John McKay (Agricultural Biology)

Modules: Implicit Bias I & II

Ryan Paul
PhD advisor: Paul Ode (Agricultural Biology)

Module: Mentor-Mentee Dynamics

Katie Rocci
MSc & PhD advisor: Francesca Cotrufo (Soil & Crop Sciences)

Module: Strategies to Support Others

DeeDee Wright
PhD advisor: Meena Balgopal (Biology)

Module: Identifying Personal Strengths

2019 Cohort

Scott Bradfield
PhD advisor: Troy Ocheltree (Forest & Rangeland Stewardship)

Modules: Strategies to Support Others; Leadership

Maria Chavez
PhD advisor: Mark Uchanski (Horticulture & Landscape Architecture)

Modules: Imposter Syndrome; Acknowledging Qualities & Self-Assessment

Eliza Clark
PhD advisor: Ruth Hufbauer (Agricultural Biology)

Modules: Mentor-Mentee Dynamics; Critical Thinking

Dani Lin Hunter
PhD advisor: Meena Balgopal (Biology)

Modules: Power Dynamics; Coping with Negativity/Critique

Marcel Jardeleza
MSc & PhD advisor: Ruth Hufbauer (Agricultural Biology)

ModulesDeveloping a Career Path; Work-Life Balance

Emily Stuchiner
PhD advisor: Joe von Fischer (Biology)

Modules: RMAIS Assessment

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